Terms and schedule of passenger traffic

Departure: every Thursday from Ukraine and every Sunday from Spain.

- The ticket price includes baggage that does not exceed the size 100h50h30 cm and weight 35 kg + 5 kg hand luggage

- Extra baggage is 1.3 Euro / 1 kg

- The carrier may reduce the price of the main cost to give a discount or increase the price of -99.99% to + 100% of 1 USD. to 10,000 USD., depending on the date of purchase of the ticket or at the point of sale / Depending on the number of seats and other factors that affect the demand for transport services.

-Znyzhky Available: children up to 4p - 50%, children up to 14r - 20% (Only when the child leaves the parents), pensioners - 10%.

Terms passenger

Ticket is a nominal document for bus travel and can not be transferred to another person, valid until the date and hour of departure, as stated in the ticket. Departure date can be changed free of charge 2 times. All changes should be included in the ticket and confirmed by the seal firms inscribed change. Passenger having a fixed date reverse starting obliged to confirm it no later than 48 hours prior to departure (excluding weekends). If not confirmed the company reserves the right to sell this place without monetary compensation to the passenger. Refunds for unused travel money back for unused travel alone company in which the ticket was purchased. The basis for compensation is a form (ticket) with all the humps and cover. Money for unused return journey back minus 10%.

general requirements

Passenger must arrive on landing at least 30 minutes before the bus departure. In case of delay in landing the responsibility of the passenger. When driving in the cabin and the toilet of the bus is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol and drugs. If not meet these requirements the company reserves the right to remove the passenger from the flight without monetary compensation.

Bus crew can refuse to transport a passenger if:

if their actions hinder calm other passengers or creates a risk to travelers;
The passenger is responsible for damages caused by his physical carrier. Children and young people under 16 years may only travel accompanied by an adult. The carrier is not liable to the passenger for availability and accuracy of documents entitling to cross the borders of the route. The carrier is not liable for infringement of the passenger customs or immigration regulations. If you violate a passenger of visa (visa expirations replacement passport other document, etc.) the carrier reserves the right not to transport passengers. Money for unused tickets are not returned.

In case the passenger does not adhere to customs and border regulations and be detained at the border and it will cause delay, bus crew has the right to depart from the border without a passenger surcharge and the bus fare without compensation.

The carrier is not responsible for the delay in the movement and untimely arrival at the following stations if it contributed beyond his circumstances (including delays during their borders, weather conditions, traffic congestion, actions of state bodies, repair work on roads, etc. , actions most passengers, affecting the performance of the circumstances) and other reasons (technical problems encountered with the bus while driving, which could not be prevented by carrier, in spite of all products made reservations).