Conditions of Carriage

Each passenger is entitled to carriage of 1 piece of luggage 60h40h40 size, weighing up to 35 kg for 1 person and hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg (baggage conditions differ depending on the country). Exceeding these limits on the weight and size of baggage taken as a supplement for additional luggage. Additional luggage is transported in the presence of free space in the luggage compartment, the luggage is taken oplata.Dodatkovyy not exceed the size and weight of the main luggage. No luggage is transported oversized dimensions (refrigerators, etc.). The carrier is not liable for hand luggage. The carrier responsible for damaged luggage in luggage compartment only if it was the fault of the carrier, as evidenced by the passenger, but no more than € 100 per person for the submission of the application no later than 10 days after the bus departure. Forbidden to transport luggage, which threatens the health or safety of other passengers. The carrier is not responsible for any loss of passenger money, jewelry, passport, securities, collection items, items that have scientific value and other values ​​that are not in the luggage compartment. Passenger is personally responsible for the legality of its own baggage. When complications at the border of the company - the carrier has the right to refuse to perform duties on transportation of luggage and continue the flight with missing luggage.