What is allowed in parcels?

What is allowed in parcels?

What is allowed in parcels?


What can be carried or transferred?

(parcel is not luggage and there is a difference between them)

1) ALCOHOL - the parcel is strictly forbidden to transmit!

2) CIGARETTES - the parcel is strictly forbidden to transfer!

3) MEAT AND DAIRY PRODUCTS (milk and dairy products - yogurt, cheese, butter, etc., meat and meat products - balyk, sausage and other animal products, lard, canned food, potatoes

 - the parcel is strictly forbidden!

4) MEDICINES - in the parcel it is strictly forbidden to transfer, we can take separately from the parcel several packs of drugs cost 10Euro (psychotropic, narcotic action is strictly forbidden!)

5) EQUIPMENT - only devices for personal use (laptop, camera, smartphone, etc.) are allowed, but no more than 2 pieces of the same type

6) Money - the parcel is strictly forbidden, only separated from the parcel. Transfer fee if the amount up to 500 euros is 4% of the amount, and if more than 500 euros then 2.5% of the amount

7) NEW WHOLESALE PRODUCT- is strictly forbidden!

8) WEAPONS, COLD WEAPONS, Pyrotechnics, and so on.

(explosive and toxic substances, toxic and chemical products) - is strictly forbidden!






If you leave the parcel at our point of receipt of parcels, then you agree with our internal rules of carriage of parcels and current laws of Ukraine and the European Union!